Notes of change

Notes of change.

This year has continued to bring forward the energy of change in our lives. But, this year the focus is different. It is change born through introspection.

Many will find it increasingly difficult to live at odds with themselves and some may find themselves making some surprising life choices.

It is a time where we will feel the urge to take some time out, to go within to reconnect with our authentic selves and to discover the truth of our hearts. No longer will it be easy or satisfying to continue to live our lives on the surface. We are indeed being called to go deeper. To travel deeper within, so we may discover a way of living and loving that is in alignment with our true essence. 

There are many around me at the moment, clients, family, friends, and friends of friends who are struggling with this energy. Not yet understanding what it is calling them to do. It is manifesting in their lives as dissatisfaction, anxiety, stress, disillusionment and exhaustion. 

Perhaps it is something you are also experiencing, some of you to a greater or lesser degree. If you are, please honour this process and know that you are not alone. Your feelings, especially those that are difficult, are there to precipitate change.

I know that change for many of us is uncomfortable and is often accompanied by fear, for moving out of the safety of our comfort zone is never easy. But change, when fully embraced, can also be exciting, enlivening and is always transforming.

Some that I know have already made some dramatic and positive life choices this year. Some have changed their place of employment, some have left their old lives behind to go travelling and yet others have chosen to take their studies and careers in new directions.

For many however, the changes this year may manifest in more subtle ways. It may mean that you will now be able to see life from a different perspective, with the consequence being a shifting in attitude, resulting in powerful and positive transformation.

So I ask you to follow your souls urging and go within

Listen to what your heart hears and see what your heart sees,

for your heart is the messenger of your soul 

Within your heart lies the seed of your love and who you truly are.

 So if this year you feel you need help in navigating your journey or someone to support you through your process, I can help.

Love and blessings to you all 

From Suzanne.