You know when you are living in the light...... 

When you welcome change as an opportunity for growth

When you can stand in the middle of life's storm and still know peace. 

When you are no longer interested in playing the " blame game".  

When your spoken words are of love not of hate. 

When you know that every hardship you endure refines your soul

When your life is lived from love not from fear. 

When you can speak your truth freely and fearlessly. 

When you are able to live your life authentically. 

When you no longer sit in judgement of yourself or others. 

When your natural attitude becomes one of gratitude. 

When you choose to act rather than to react. 

When you have released the chains of the past to live in the present

When you would rather choose forgiveness than to hold a grudge. 

When you find yourself laughing in the face of adversity. 

When you find that instead of doubt, faith and trust have become your companions. 

When you honour the light in everyone and everything. 


Most of all 

When you fully realise that you are loveable, worthy, beautiful and perfect just the way you are. 

It is my prayer for us all to come home ourselves. 

To know the light that we are. 

To be the light that we are 


To shine our light forever more. 

By Suzanne Pinfold